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tin·der·ing .verb

a word without a definition; something similar to a bender; a great reason to skip work.

"Tindering." "Hi. Tindering this morning." "Excuse me. Are you using "tindering" as a greeting?" "Yeah-I don't know what else to use it for." "Neither do I."- "But I like it." "Go tind-uh-ring yourself." "Nice one!"

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used to describe someone or something which renders others powerless; to make flaccid; some kind of mineral that makes Superman cry.

1. "What is wrong with you, man?" Sniffle."What do you mean, what's wrong with me?"-"Dont you get it?"-"She's my kryptonite." "Okay, Brian. That's enough. It's time to put away the ice cream and get out of that stupid Superman costume."

Hopeless Romantic

The guy who tries but fails to demonstrate to others the romance in everything, especially his girlfriend; an idealist.

Girlfriend: "Can we go now?" Hopeless Romantic: "You want to leave?! Look at him! He might as well be dancing back there!" Girlfriend: "He's a bartender. That's his job." Hopeless Romantic: "(sigh)...You'll never understand."

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Hanging out

hang·ing out .verb

a pre-dating term; a phrase usually used by those who wish to elude the reality they're no longer just hanging out with a certain person; to describe a situation in which a man's testicles are showing in public.

"I told you, Jennifer, Phil and I are just hanging out." "Dude, you're marrying him in two days." "Yeah, so. Then we're going to Hawaii for a week, to hang out."

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dat·ing .verb

When two persons have been consistently going out to do activities with each other, usually the early stages of a fruitful relationship.

Myra and Andrew have been dating for 2 months and are ready to consider making their relationship monogamous.

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Kiss and Tell

kiss and tell .verb

To describe the actions of a guy/girl who hooked up with someone and then heedlessly told his/her friends.

"So you're really not going to tell me what happened?" "No, Brian. I already told you. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." "But you're not a gentleman, Adam. I mean look at you. You've been sitting on a bench in Central Park all morning, throwing chestnuts at small children, and laughing to yourself." "Gentlemen throw chestnuts at small children, Brian--it's in the handbook. They do not, however, kiss and tell."

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dal·li·ance .noun

an antiquated word to describe a no-strings-attached kind of relationship; an obnoxious way of saying, fling; the name of Prince's dachshund.

"I just can't believe you're single."—“I’'m sorry. I bet you get that a lot." "Yeah. I do. It's like, ya I’m single—why can't a pretty girl be single? I mean, V Mary was single and she was foxy?" "Did you just compare yourself to the Virgin Mary?" "Like, I've had a dalliance or two but I'm not trying to settle down. I'm young." "Ok. Stop there. One, you're talking to yourself. Two, V-Mary? Really? And three, when you just used the word, dalliance, I threw up in my mouth a little. I'm out of here."

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bub·bly .adj

Usually used to describe a woman or a girl who is in high spirits; sometimes really loud and annoying.

Jane, the captain of our cheerleading squad, is super bubbly and over enthusiastic.

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Drunk dial

drunk di·al .verb

a phrase to describe a situation in which a drunk calls or texts a former lover because he/she thinks it's simply a great idea--drunk dialers often mistake their former lover's phone number for their grandmother's.

"I'm so glad I called." "I'm not. You woke me up again." "Wake me up when it's all over--Aviici--love that song, and I love you too. I love the way your body's shaped. I love--" "Brian, stop. It's me, MeeMee." "MeeMee?" "Yes. You've drunk-dialed your grandmother again."

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